colour tones Natural Colour Oil

Natural-Colour-Oil OB 83 *(Colour tone)

Oiling gives exclusive, high-quality surfaces a mostly open-pore, breathable and natural-looking surface. Furthermore, our innovative oils provide long-lasting protection for the surface, preserving its value in the long run.

The stain samples shown here are not binding and serve only as a rough guide. The colour tone of a stained object depends on a number of factors: the type and features of the wood, the sanding grain, the way an individual applies it and the structure of the coating.

Please always stain a test area. By first testing the stain on the original wood with the original raw-wood sanding and the desired coating, the resulting colour tone is revealed.

Teak OB 83-133

Black OB 83-900

Grey OB 83-703

Primer White Oil OB 84-77 + WPB 1037

Dark Walnut OB 83-804

Castle Brown OB 83-702

Primer White Oil OB 84-77

Light Walnut OB 83-803

White OB 83-700

Ebony OB 83-901

Olive Grey OB 83-740