Hesse colour fan for transparent lacquers

This colour fan will easily give you the chance to choose your own desired colour tone. By putting the foils on surfaces, which are pre-treated with Hesse base coat, you will get a reasonably true picture of the following coating. If you combine different foils you will get an even larger choice. The colour fan is excellently suitable for the shading of colourless nitrocellulose- or polyurethane lacquer systems.

Hesse colour concentrates for transparent lacquers:
Special ready for use, lightfast dyestuffs and -pigments in solvents.

Fields of application:
By coloration of solvent-based lacquers, brilliant translucent colour tones can be produced. Alternatively for antique treatment of furniture by shading/patinating and for equalizing of colour differences.

If used as glaze lacquer: add 2 – 4 % concentrate to the chosen clear nitrocellulose- or polyurethane-lacquer and spray evenly on the primed and sanded carrier. If used as patina: Apply colour concentrate by patinating technique after sanding of the last base coat. Spray distance and patinating technique with wide jet or circular section jet are a matter of experience. Subsequently finish with solvent lacquer systems in the desired degree of gloss.

Important hints:
The application quantity of Hesse colour concentrates for translucent lacquers varies according to the desired effect. Always stir or shake well before processing. The concentrates are mixable with each other in any ratio.


Order informationOrder no.
yellow ZD 1-01
redZD 1-03
purpleZD 1-04
blue ZD 1-05
greenZD 1-06
blackZD 1-08
white ZD 1-09
Mahogany light ZD 1-11
Mahogany darkZD 1-12
Cinnamon ZD 1-13
HazelnutZD 1-14
BeechZD 1-15
Pine ZD 1-16
CherryZD 1-17
MacoreeZD 1-18
Honey ZD 1-19
WalnutZD 1-20
Walnut light ZD 1-21
Rose wood ZD 1-22
AlderZD 1-23
Packaging size:1 litre
Colour fan for transparent lacquersXLF