BG colour tones on oak

HYDRO stains BG *(colour tone)

Universal HYDRO stains for deciduous and coniferous wood species based on fine particle pigments and colourants with good light fastness. Treatment: Raw wood, roughly sanded in steps, 120-180 grain, evenly sanded along the grain and dust carefully removed.

The stain samples shown here are not binding and serve only as a rough guide. The colour tone of a stained object depends on a number of factors: the type and features of the wood, the sanding grain, the way an individual applies it and the structure of the coating.

Please always stain a test area. By first testing the stain on the original wood with the original raw-wood sanding and the desired coating, the resulting colour tone is revealed.

BG 20000

BG 20003

BG 20006

BG 20009

BG 20012

BG 20001

BG 20004

BG 20007

BG 20010

BG 20013

BG 20002

BG 5-20005

BG 20008

BG 20011

BG 20014