Hesse COLOR-SOLID-OIL is a coloured, extremely low solvent and low odour HIGH-SOLID natural oil. Its outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance makes it suitable for adding colour to surfaces on exclusive woods for normal to high interior use, with just one oil application. The product is easy to apply, fast drying and free from cobalt- and lead-based siccatives. The optional hardening results in even faster drying and additionally increased resistance.



1 Cheesecake

4 Winter

7 Greystone

10 Modern Grey

13 Phoenix

16 Chestnut

19 Citrus

2 Salt

5 Light Walnut

8 Honey

11 Pepper

14 Castle Brown

17 Cherry

20 Cranberry

3 Snow White

6 Milk

9 Shadow

12 Olive Grey

15 Brownie

18 Nero

21 Blueberry