Rustic stain colour tones

Rustic stain CL *(colour tone)

Quick-drying, solvent-based coating stain for a rustic effect with the pores emphasised, specially for coarse-pore woods such as oak, ash or mahogany. No roughening of the wood. Treatment: Sand the raw wood, roughly in steps, 120-180 grain, evenly along the grain and carefully remove the dust.

The stain samples shown here are not binding and serve only as a rough guide. The colour tone of a stained object depends on a number of factors: the type and features of the wood, the sanding grain, the way an individual applies it and the structure of the coating.

Please always stain a test area. By first testing the stain on the original wood with the original raw-wood sanding and the desired coating, the resulting colour tone is revealed.

CL 5-2410 (WUR 5-25013)

CL 5-55337 (WUR 5-25016)

CL 5-5005 P45 (WUR 5-25019)

CL 5-5011 (WUR 5-25022)

CL 5-55338 (WUR 5-25024)

CL 5-55343 (WUR 5-25014)

CL 5-5001 (WUR 5-25017)

CL 5-55383 P44 (WUR 5-25020)

CL 5-55345 (WUR 5-25023)

CL 5-55379 (WUR 5-25025)

CL 5-55344 (WUR 5-25015)

CL 5-5003 P43 (WUR 5-25018)

CL 5-55346 P46 (WUR 5-25021)

CL 15-7377 (WUR 15-21361)

CL 15-7376 (WUR 15-21362)