Contaminated air bubbles

Gel particles with air bubbles


Formation of specks



Description of the defect

Visible and tactile deposits in the surface.

Cause of the defect

  • Dust entering
  • Overspray
  • Contamination in the lacquer
  • Unclean tools
  • Contaminated pipes
  • Spray water

Defect solution

First identify where it arises/the production area, clear the cause and remove the source of the defect. On the whole, dirt can be easily identified with the help of the linen tester. They are typically irregularly confined particles that may also be thread-like. By contrast, trapped air is regular and confined.

Gel particles (dried lacquer residue from hoses, spray guns etc.), gel particles with air bubbles, formation of specks: Contamination of the substrate (contamination under the layer of lacquer)